Sunday, May 2, 2010

the10 color series.

Moving on from the 8 series, I went more mini with my icons, and did a 10 icon hidden dock theme. Used a slightly large futuristic font and went for it.

here's what my original Crackberry forum post said.

"after a lot of requests on some of my recent themes, I made a new one in the series and packed a whole lot of crap into it. "

10 ochre boasts these features.
  • 10 item Hidden dock
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • Large clock
  • 3Gicon
  • Color coded batter and signal indicators (red=bad blue=good w/shades between)
  • Weather slot
  • Hidden Today
  • Spacebar opens QuickLaunch
  • Trackball click while hidden opens sound profiles (*or weather if you scroll from slot 1)
  • Transitions
after some complaints about my color coded battery and signal meters not really showing the levels, as apposed to my purely color coded technique I updated the signals to show the "bars"

the next in the 10 series was 10 cobalt. essentially a blue version.

this one I did add a custom hourglass, shown in the bottom right.

another color in the "10" series.

Unique to 10 Lime: New futuristic font while keeping default fonts for menus and lists standard, floating homescreen icons, no dock, $ key shortcut to SMS/MMS, reduced 4 item hidden today. I also, by request from fans of the previous 10 themes, moved the batter meter all the way to the left, and put the weather icon below, as to make the banner more symmetrical.

Download via mobile browser OTA for Blackberry Tour
10 ochre OTA 4.7

10 cobalt OTA 4.7

10Lime OTA 4.7

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