Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big Numbers

I had the idea for these battery and signal indicators the other night as I was falling asleep. I remembered them today and built a theme around them. I used 10blanco as my starting point so some of it may look familiar. Notably the custom icons that I made for 10blanco.

There is a static dock version and a hidden dock version. both have 6 user defined icons. The hidden dock version also, if you use a dark wallpaper, hides the clock/time as well. its still there, just harder to see without the white bar.

large color coded custom battery meter in %
large color coded custom signal meter in numbers
custom icons
slightly wallpaper friendly*
spacebar opens QuickLaunch
$ key opens SMS/MMS
hidden messages button*
faux hidden clock*
hidden 6 item dock*

OTA Bignumbers 5.0

OTA Bignumbers Hidden Dock 5.0

*hidden dock version only

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