Monday, May 3, 2010

The Console Series

I saw a couple themes that used a circular module that had icons, clock, and meters all neatly packed in the center of the screen and I got inspired to try something new for a blackberry user interface. Console611 was born. 6 for the user defined icons and 11 because 6 plus 5 static icons is 11. Also, 611 is my favorite number and has deep secret meaning between me and some friends.

6 user defined mini icons
5 static icons
weather slot
hidden today
customized and consistent menu & lists colors
custom call screens
custom batt/signal
custom hourglass.
wallpaper friendly with more translucent home console.
$ shortcut to sms/mms

Console611 OTA 4.7
Console611 OTA 5.0

ConsoleII -
with this one I kind of just went nuts. Super sleek and stylized center dock with futuristic battery and signal meters. and... wait for it, a totally unique hidden dock.

ConsoleII stats: bottom console with custom batt/signal meters, clock area, 5 static today icons. hidden 11 user defined icon dock. wallpaper friendly, space bar opens quicklaunch, $ opens sms/mms.

console II OTA

I kind of copped out on the app screen banner and recycled the one from Aliendash. So out of my shame I started from scratch with a new idea and came up with Console3.

Console3 stats:
hidden 10 user defined item dock
6 item static dock
weather slot (with 80x80 icon)
clock button
custom app, call and lock screens
3g icon
custom battery/signal meters
wallpaper friendly (kinda)
NO TODAY. sorry I'm over it.
minimal transitions (app to home/home to app only)

Console3 OTA 5.0

Console3 OTA 4.7

ConsoleII and Console3 got the attention of a blackberry blogger who did some reviews of these themes. Check them out here:
Married to Blackberry blog ConsoleII review
Married to Blackberry Console3 review

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