Sunday, May 2, 2010

Glow 2

Originally posted on on 11-30-2009

The second and last in the short lived Glow series. Again focusing on simplicity and keeping the home screen clean.

New take on the color-coded battery and signal meters. Whereas the Glow meters had "bars" essentially that you could see go up or down, this version is horizontal and is basically static and the only thing showing signal or battery power change is the color. Red being low and blue being full, and all shades in between.

Another thing I tried to do on this theme was to make the stock icons look custom by creating stylized images that overlay the stock icons.

Download via mobile browser OTA for Blackberry Tour OS4.7
multiple versions
OTA Glow2
no icons, no weather, no today - spacebar goes to quicklaunch.
with hidden messages button (click trackball)

OTA Glow2day
no icons, hidden today, hidden clock, messages, profiles and connection links- no icons, no weather

OTA Glow2dayw
same as 2day, with weather icon.

OTA Glow2_full
6 user defined icons, weather and hidden today

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