Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 black

Starting where 10Lime left off, I ditched the futuristic, hard to read fonts and went to Arial. Super basic and normal.

The evolution of the 10 series, like I mentioned in that post was based on requests from people using my themes. Then I got selfish and tweaked it to a way I would like it. So I took 10black and made it the way I liked.

-no weather
-no today
-big clock -(customized Arial Black font)
-buttons are changed slightly
-new dock under icons
-scroll wheel click while dock is hidden opens messages

Then people wouldnt shut up again and I started messing with perfection.

too many versions with too many options. I actually think some of these still dont function properly. Use at own risk. Oh yea I started creating for os 5.0 on these as well.

10black3 OTA 4.7
(will work on but not optimized for 5.0)

10black3 OTA W/weather

10black3 OTA W/weather

OTA NO weather/NO today
5.0 only

10black 2
10black2 OTA 4.7

10 black
10black OTA 4.7

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