Sunday, May 2, 2010

the 8 series

Originally posted on 03-08-2010

This is when I learned how to do hidden docks and mini icons. A hidden dock is a set of icons that hide out of sight when you scroll up or down. Mini icons are just that, standard icons, but smaller than normal. Both are great assets for making wallpaper friendly themes.

First in the series is 8red. My first attempt at mini icons and a hidden dock.
At this point not having color coded meters made the standard meters hard to see at a quick glance so I made larger than normal default battery and signal meters for better visibility.

Along with my not standard spacebar opens QL feature I also added a hidden button to open messages when dock is hidden.

Hidden dock works by scrolling down to unhide, scrolling up to hide.

Another thing I included in this theme is something that came out with OS5.0 called transitions. Basically it's an animation from screen to screen, either a wipe, a fade or a zoom similar to PowerPoint. While the new version of the theme creation software allowed me to put it in the theme, saving it for OS4.7 had mixed results.

After 8red I tried to make a more streamlined 8 mini icon hidden dock theme. 8aqua was the result.

This time I ditched the standard battery and signal meters for a super slim space saving color coded bar style meter. The rest of the theme is essentially the same other than a cleaner font and some more custom menus and lists.

Download via mobile browser OTA for Blackberry Tour
8Aqua 4.7 OTA

This was my first theme that I made available for 5.0 as well.
8Aqua 5.0 OTA*

I had a request for a version with larger fonts so here's that.
Larger font OTA (4.7)

and here's 8red
8red OTA 4.7

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