Sunday, May 2, 2010

KGS Glow

Originally posted on 11-09-2009

The Glow series. my first "series" of themes. Building on previous versions and ideas.
The goal of this theme was simplicity, a clear departure from Aliendash or Googie for that matter.

Custom out-of-the-way battery and signal meters, using color to indicate level. No icons on the homescreen and a feature I had just learned about, using the spacebar for a QuickLaunch shortcut. In essence using QL to access primary apps and functions.

Download via mobile browser OTA for Blackberry Tour OS4.7
again I did a couple versions of this one.
KGS_glow OTA

as shown in the preview above, a black and white version.
KGS_wytglow OTA

and I made a LOST theme based on Glow.

OTA LOST theme

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